ƵExpands Eight-Week Course Offerings to Give More Options to Students Who Are Juggling Work and Family Obligations
Eight-Week Classes will make up half of the course offerings starting in the 2024 Fall Semester

Press Release

Ƶ (LBCC) will significantly expand its accelerated eight-week course offerings starting in Fall 2024. The eight-week class format will account for up to 50% of all courses to better accommodate students balancing their college studies with work and family obligations.

The accelerated eight-week classes cover the same material as a traditional 16-week semester course but in half the time. Classes meet more frequently to cover the full curriculum in a compressed timeframe. This accelerated format, dubbed “It Takes Two” by LBCC, means students can maximize the 16-week term into two eight-week terms.

“Ƶis committed to exploring additional options that will help dismantle the educational barriers that challenge our students who are managing the complexities of school, work, and family life,” said Dr. Mike Muñoz, ƵSuperintendent-President. “The eight-week course is an innovative way to provide students with the classes they need in a condensed yet comprehensive academic framework. Numerous studies show shorter academic terms like our eight-week accelerated courses translate into increased student success, retention, and completion rates, especially for students of color.”

Data shows in-person eight-week classes consistently outperform 16-week counterparts in student success rates, notably in math, engineering, and family and consumer studies courses. Equity gaps have also narrowed substantially, with Black/African American, Latinx/Hispanic, Asian and Filipino students achieving double-digit success rate increases in eight-week classes compared to 16-week formats. Students who opt for the accelerated eight-week courses can maximize their schedules by taking two or three classes simultaneously and earn the same credits as four or five classes in a regular 16-week semester.

“This compressed schedule allows students to have more contact with instructors, collaborative time with classmates, and avoid the stress that can sometimes accompany a traditional course schedule,” said Vivian Malauulu, Long Beach Community College District Board of Trustees President. “As a working mother with a busy schedule and as a current student myself, I empathize with the challenges of balancing work, family responsibilities, and the pursuit of continued education. The 8-week courses will equip students with the resources to improve their time management skills, allowing for greater flexibility and efficiency.”

Eight-week classes have steadily grown at Ƶat an increase of 42% since 2018-19. The college will evaluate the expansion of the accelerated eight-week courses using success and completion data to ensure it effectively addresses this goal.

Ƶcontinues to offer both the 16-week and the 12-week courses.

For more information please visit /it-takes-two.

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